Makerere University Gender Mainstreaming Directorate Tips Students on Personal Branding

A student participating in a discussion at the Personal Branding Session organised by GMD and facilitated by the Daniel Choudry Sales Institute on 18th April 2019, Senate Conference Room, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda

“Change your mindset and stop giving reasons, which reasons don’t put food on the table. This world has two types of people; the result people and the reason people. Which one are you?” Daniel Choudry asked his audience. “The reason people will give all excuses as to why they can’t do or achieve something and end up blaming everything around them including their parents but can’t blame themselves. The result people are those who have an “I CAN” internal dialogue and see the opportunities and possibilities in everything,” he further explained.

On Thursday, 18th April 2019, 100 students gathered in the Senate Conference Room to participate in a workshop on how to get jobs and handle life after campus. The session was organized by Gender Mainstreaming Directorate (GMD), Makerere University as part of their program of training the scholarship beneficiaries.

Director Gender Mainstreaming Directorate (GMD), Dr. Euzobia Mugisha Baine
Mr. Daniel Choudry walks through the audience during his presentation on Personal Branding and Career

The Guest Speaker and Director of the Daniel Choudry Sales Institute Mr. Daniel Choudry advised the students to always have a unique identity that makes them stand out in the job market by building a personal brand.

Giving the opening remarks, the Director Gender Mainstreaming Directorate (GMD), Dr. Euzobia Mugisha Baine thanked Daniel Choudry for accepting to pass on life-changing tips and advised the students to take note of every single word. She called upon the students to adopt some life principles such as integrity, patience, trust and faithfulness which may not be taught in class but are essential for any employer before he/she entrusts anyone with his/her business. Dr. Euzobia also urged the students to develop an attitude of hard work if they are to become successful.

“I know that you all want to be successful people in this country but what are you doing to achieve this? Your performance decides which position you should be; schedule yourselves and know where you are to be at any given time. Take advantage of the free time you have by doing productive things that will result in good fruits,” said Dr. Euzobia

She called for teamwork among students while at their places of work and advised them to develop a passion to learn what they don’t know as well as being flexible in all situations and jobs.

“Have one thing in you that will always make you stand out and that one thing will always qualify you for a job. The bosses in those companies are looking for one unique element in you that others may not have. Always strive to build a personal brand and that brand will take you where you want to reach; have good identity and people will look for you,” advised Mr. Choudry as he started out.

He further encouraged the students to have personal ambitions, belief, and trust in even before others see the potential in them.
“There is no such a thing as a man who was born great, instead, they were just once like you and with positive mindsets, aggressiveness, good attitude and belief and trust in themselves, they stretched to be productive and became what we see and admire in them now,” remarked Daniel, citing examples such as the President H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe.

He advised them to make good use of all networking opportunities as it helps them generate new knowledge and ideas from people who have succeeded in life. Networking, he added, also helps to create new friends and pave way for job opportunities.

Mr. Choudry further called upon the students to be persistent. He shared an example of a scientist who made the bulb but failed 99 times and only succeeded on the 100th try. He continued and encouraged them to take all the little steps that come their way other than seating back waiting for the bigger opportunities.

“It’s always better to start with the small opportunities. Sometimes you have to first get some experience for before you actually get there. Pay the price and you will get where you want to be.  You can’t sit home and spend every single day watching television and doing nothing and then expect to compete for a job market with someone who has been gaining some experience elsewhere. Remember we are all competing for the same piece of cake,” he illustrated.

He condemned the act of pride, ego, attitude and foolishness exposed by the youth which characters don’t draw responsible people towards them but instead pushes them away, reminding them that only the humble succeed in life.

“Showing off prominent body features doesn’t portray sense in you, be a woman of virtue and dignity and avoid hopeless relationships. When you look smart, you attract people; being a slayer takes you nowhere but simply indicates the level of your unseriousness. To the men, it’s useless to look hot or handsome when your pocket is penniless. Don’t objectify women. If you don’t mean to be with her, don’t mess with her emotions; you need people to like you because if they don’t then they won’t give you opportunities,” Daniel advised.

He amused the audience when he stated that bosses in the job field don’t recruit based on impressive papers but rather based on the person’s ability. Here he clearly illustrated that first class degrees are not what employers are looking for as there are many people with good papers but can’t justify their performance by producing good results in their job placements.

Mr. Pade Brian from Daniel Choudry Sales Institute additionally advised students to develop a hunger for jobs if they are to enter into the competitive job market. He also advised them not to undermine any job that comes their way as long as it’s a clean job.

Group Photo of the students with the trainers
Mr. Eric Tumwesigye, Senior Gender Officer remarks at the conference.

He echoed that a degree is just a stepping stone in one’s job and tipped the students on the A life principles namely: Accept who you are; Adopt what you are; Advance what you have achieved for a better level of life; and Attitude, passion, and skill in combination.

Mr. Pade also advised them to avail themselves for volunteering opportunities that come their way and avoid prioritizing money at the top of everything.

“Most of you mind about money, but money comes at a certain time. Sometimes you have to volunteer as it’s through those volunteering opportunities that you will be able to get job connections that will lead you to where the money is,” advised Pade.

Ms. Justine Nakanwagi a Mak alumni thanked the Directorate for organizing the life-changing seminars as they impact a lot on students’ careers. She revealed that she was once a student sponsored by Mak Gender Mainstreaming Directorate and out of similar life-changing seminars, she was able to get in touch with Daniel Choudry Sales Institute and was later employed as a Senior Sales Associate.

She advised her fellow youth to have the passion to doing things they have never done and to develop goals and work hard to see that they are all fulfilled.

Article by Rachael Kanyi, Volunteer, Makerere University Public Relations Office

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