Policy & Regulations on Sexual Harassment Prevention

This Policy on Sexual Harassment Prevention is to address acts and practices related to sexual harassment at all levels within the structures of Makerere University. This policy is intended to combat sexual harassment and abuse and shall not limit academic freedom or the principles of free inquiry and expression.

Whereas in September 2006 the University Council made a Policy and Regulations against Sexual Harassment, several gaps and inadequacies in the said Policy have necessitated that the said Policy be revisited to address the shortfalls therein. This Policy was approved by the University Council on 27th September 2006 and amended on 5th December, 2018

This Policy may be cited as “The Makerere University Policy and Regulations Against Sexual Harassment, 2006 (as amended) “.

Gender Equality

Makerere University is committed to the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment where all students, academic, administrative and support staff, female and male, enjoy equal opportunities, human rights and non-discrimination in all spheres of University life.